Author: Petter Sjöstrand

On june 11, a digital seminar was conducted on Project Simgården, a digital test environment for learning to drive heavy machinery used within agriculture and forestry. Jörgen Holmén, Peter Ågren och Bengt Jonsson told us about the project, and we got a digital tour of one of their simulator centers. The seminar is in Swedish and can be seen on youtube.
This week, Hans made an appearance on the Digital Design podcast, presenting and discussing the Formula Infinity initiative. The podcast can seen and heard on youtube. The Formula Infinity discussion starts at 06:21.
The final version of the project idea is now finished! March 3, we sent a proposition for a project idea to all the participating universities and the Swedish Car Sports Association. From then, halfway through April, we've had individual conversations with all of the participants, resulting in this project idea. Now, work begins on informing the industry [...]
January 20, Jean-Francois Chardon, producer of the sim racing game RaceRoom at Sector3 Studios, conducted a seminar about physics engines and the simulator game industry. Jean-Francois told us that racing simulators have several underlying engines, both for handling physics and graphics. It was especially interesting to see what type of data the physics engine of RaceRoom needed. Long lists [...]
Dec 5, 2019, representatives of 11 academies around Sweden met up with the Swedish Car Sports Association at Halmstad University for the first Formula Infinity Workhop. Around 20 people attended and listened to presentations on game engines, engineering, gamified pedagogics and esports. The presentations were held by Petter Sjöstrand, a freelance Esports expert, as well as Eric Stranne, chairman of the Virtual Racing division [...]